We know when you walk through our door it's because of bad luck, an unfortunate event, or a tragedy has happened to you. Somewhere, someone's negligence has hurt either you or a loved one. That's why the Milwaukee Law Firm of Menard & Menard goes the extra mile to provide you with compassionate and personal service. Trust us to use all of our resources and combine knowledge to help you.

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In 1911, Wisconsin became the first state in the nation to put a broad, constitutionally valid workers compensation system into operation. The idea of workers compensation has its origins in Germany in the early 1800s.
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Cases that involves insulting another person or insulting his character.The main purpose of personal injury law is to make sure that the injured victims get legal rights and be compensated financially for the loss and suffering they otherwise would not have to endure.

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Workers Compensation Lawsuit

In most states, a worker injured by the intentional action of his or her employer can sue the employer for the harm in addition to filing for workers compensation.

Vocational Rehabilitation Rights

The actual vocational-rehabilitation benefits to which an injured employee will be entitled are determined not only by the employee’s specific situation, but also by state statutory and regulatory limitations.

Truck Accidents Lawyers

Truck accidents almost always cause extensive damage to vehicles and serious injuries to motorists. Due to the size and weight of semi trucks, the impact from a collision alone is often enough to cause severe spinal cord injuries and head trauma.

Construction Accidents Lawyers

There are many causes of accidents on a construction site. Many are often attributed to some form of negligence and may involve unsafe work areas, misuse of tools and equipment, and failure to use protective equipment.